The Umstead Park parkrun debuts at 8 am on Saturday, March 25th in Chapel Hill.  It is a free, timed 5k that will take place every Saturday morning year-round. The course follows the stretch of Bolin Creek Greenway that parallels Umstead Drive from the park to a turnaround point near where Umstead Dr. meets Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard. 

parkrun (that's right, it isn't capitalized!) is a free, community event where you can walk, jog, run, volunteer or spectate.

All you need to do -- and this is very important -- is visit the website and register for the series.  You'll be assigned a barcode  and you must bring along a scannable print of this code to each parkrun you do, as you cannot get a recorded time without it.  You need register only once to run any parkun, anywhere.

parkrunUmstead Park is the fourth parkrun in North Carolina.  Durham parkrun, based in Southern Boundaries Park, came into being on Jun 29, 2013 (over 430 runs ago) and was the first parkrun in the state.  There are also parkruns in Greensboro and south Charlotte. Nationwide there are now nearly 60 parkruns and there are many more worldwide. It is especially popular in the United Kingdom, where the program began.  Over 2.8 participants have amassed over 45 million parkrun finishes around the globe.  And now you can get involved in Chapel Hill.


TCHWatertowerThe 2022-23 Winter Series concluded on Sunday, March 12th, in Pittsboro with the second edition of the Tower Climb Hill Run. The weather wasn't terrific -- mid to upper thirties and light rain throughout, though none of the snow which was in the air earlier in the morning.  Twenty nine participants braved the conditions:  here are the 4 and 10 mile run results

OTHER SERIES RESULTS:  Run for the Donuts, The Misery Run, Moniese Nomp Romp, NYD Run, Eno Equalizer, Geezer Pleezer

SERIES STANDINGS - through Tower Climb Hill

UTMStart_2023Godiva Track Club presented the 19th Annual Umstead Trail Marathon on March 4th. 

Here are the overall results and some photos.

Congratulations to the participants and thanks to the many volunteers who helped make this event happen.

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