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WHERE: Anywhere you want
WHEN: Start anytime before 7pm. Runs must be posted by 8pm.
DISTANCE: As far as you can run in one hour (or less)

For social distancing, we'll conduct the race individually at the time and location of your choosing.

When you have completed your run, report it here at the webpage.

Hour Run LogoIf you use Strava, you may preregister at the webpage and your run will automatically be included in the results.

Results will be age graded and posted here as the day progresses. All runs must be completed by 8pm.

We will have a quick zoom meeting at 8pm for a social get together and review the results. Link to zoom meeting.

Godiva's 10 week Summer Track Selfie Tour ended the first week of August. Thanks to series director Ethan Caldwell for creating a series that kept summer track alive in 2020.

Summer Track Selfie Collage

Visit the Selfie Gallery

Godiva StopwatchYes, indeed, there will be a Godiva Cross Country Series this September, and it has never been easier to participate.  Get the details.


Gary Schultzby Patrick Bruer

Our Godiva Track Club friend Gary Schultz passed away on Friday, July 24th in his Durham home at the age of 81.

One day nearly six years ago, he called me up and suggested we get together for lunch, where he shared the news of his recent diagnosis with linguistic dementia and told me that he might soon be in need of some help. Over the next few years, I got to know Gary beyond the running.

We've learned that long-time and stalwart Godivan Ole Holsti passed away on July 2nd in Salt Lake City, Utah. Our friend Ole was active in the club from its founding in the 1970s, when he came to the area to serve as the George V. Allen Professor of Political Science at Duke University, until his retirement in 2010, when he moved to live near his daughter Maija (also a former Godiva runner).

Ole was an outgoing and enthusiastic ambassador for running and Godiva Track Club. Heather Yeowell recollects, "Ole was indeed a running icon. He was one of the first people I met when I first joined Godiva so many years ago. Always ready with encouragement and a smile and the latest snippet about a running event."


Godiva HaberdasheryIt is now possible to order a variety of CGTC logoed gear online.  Browse the inventory!

Award Winners - CGTC Banquet 2020

In case you missed it -- or want to relive the moment-- here's the video presentation from our Spring Awards Banquet, which took place (virtually) on Saturday evening, May 30th.

The 1001 Mile Challenge is a new Godiva initiative for 2020 to encourage an increased commitment to exercise along with some friendly competition. As a Godiva member, you can enroll in the challenge and keep track of your intentional completed miles, regardless of pace, throughout the calendar year. We'll provide online tracking of monthly and overall progress.

CGTC 1001 Mile ChallengeAll participants who complete 1001 or more miles by the end of the year will receive an official certificate and a finisher surprise! We will also declare a 1001 Mile Challenge Champion at the end of the year.

About CGTC

Do you like to run? Are you interested in meeting other people in North Carolina's Research Triangle area who share your interest? If so, you're in the right place.

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Founded in 1975 at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, Godiva Track Club has about members of all ages and abilities, and welcomes new members.

Godiva presents popular running events like the Umstead Trail Marathon. Godiva's annual calendar also features weekly summer track meets, and a winter series of cross country runs. There are regularly scheduled most days of the week.

Please check out more reasons to join Godiva and sign up on line.

Oh yes, one more thing: You may wonder why we're called the Godiva Track Club. Here's the story.