Eno Equalizer Postponed

enobridgeBecause of the inclement weather predicted for this Sunday morning, we've decided to postpone the Eno Equalizer at Eno River State Park until Sunday. January 23rd at 10:00 a.m.

If you think you might run, please give us a heads up and provide the info for establishing your Eno Equalizer handicap with this form.

Check out the series announcement for this season's complete schedule and a word from series director Kevin Rumsey about how we'll proceed this year as we attempt to have as many in person events as conditions will allow. 

Sign up for the series now.

The 18th Annual Umstead Trail Marathon is on March 5, 2022, and we need your help. Why should you volunteer? 

  • You make a difference being out there. The runners consistently praise the Umstead Marathon for having some of the best volunteers around. A smile and a little bit of cheering goes a long way.
  • The Umstead Marathon race has given over $30K to the Umstead Coalition since its inception. It also provides funds for the Carolina Godiva Track Club throughout the year.
  • It's fun! You get to enjoy being in the great outdoors with other like-minded people.

We need over 100 volunteers to put on a successful race. This is CGTC's largest fundraiser. To keep membership costs and event costs low, we rely on the proceeds from the Umstead Marathon. Please consider spending March 5, 2022 in beautiful Umstead State Park supporting the runners, the Umstead Coalition, and the Carolina Godiva Track Club.

Umstead Marathon Volunteer Signup Here!

Registration for the Umstead Trail Marathon opens  Thursday, August 5, 2021 at 8AM EDT.

The fee is $80 if you register before January of 2022.

Baton Pass - David RoyleThis year's Godiva Annual Pizza Party was an online get together on Tuesday evening, December 8th.  We reviewed the happenings of this year unlike any other, introduced our new club Vice President Kevin Rumsey, and passed off the baton from Ariana Bevilacqua to our new president Susie Castellanos Hansley in an epic fashion. Susie compiled a video of past Godiva leaders from across our 45 year history all the way back to founders David Royle, the first Godiva president, and his friend and immediate successor Roland Rust.  Above, David holds up a vintage Godiva singlet in the middle of his pass; view the entire video to see our him and the long line of presidents who've kept Godiva moving forward across five decades.  

About CGTC

Do you like to run? Are you interested in meeting other people in North Carolina's Research Triangle area who share your interest? If so, you're in the right place.

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Founded in 1975 at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, Godiva Track Club has about members of all ages and abilities, and welcomes new members.

Godiva presents popular running events like the Umstead Trail Marathon. Godiva's annual calendar also features weekly summer track meets, a September cross country series, and a seven race winter series taking place from October through March. There are regularly scheduled group runs most days of the week.

Please check out more reasons to join Godiva and sign up on line.

Oh yes, one more thing: You may wonder why we're called the Godiva Track Club. Here's the story.