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The 2017 edition of Godiva's Summer Track Series is temporarily suspended as we search for a new venue for our meets.  There was no meet on Wednesday, June 7th and the series is on hiatus until further notice. Watch this space, your email and our Facebook page for the latest news about this situation.

Meet Results:  May 24 - May 31Weather Conditions

Godiva's 2017 Running Start program for new and returning runners came to its conclusion with the Graduation 5k at Duke's Al Buehler Trail on Saturday, May 20th.  Some participants chose instead  to culminate their weeks of training at a recent Durham parkrun. Here are the results and photos.  Thanks to Halle Amick and Shauna Griffin for directing RS 2017, and  to the volunteers pacers and the participants who made it all possible.

BanquetThis year we honored Runners of the Year Kevin McCabe and Megan Sullivan, and Volunteer of the Year Doug Hensel. Retiring Director of Godiva Summer Track Charles Alden received our tributes, gifts, and thanks for his twenty years of service to the club.  Here are some photos from the party.

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Do you like to run? Are you interested in meeting other people in North Carolina's Research Triangle area who share your interest? If so, you're in the right place.

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Founded in 1975 at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, Godiva Track Club has about members of all ages and abilities, and welcomes new members.

Godiva offers an annual Running Start program for those who are new or returning to the sport. The club presents popular running events like the Umstead Trail Marathon. Godiva's annual calendar also features weekly summer track meets, and a winter series of cross country runs. There are regularly scheduled most days of the week.

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Oh yes, one more thing: You may wonder why we're called the Godiva Track Club. Here's the story.